Whats New

July 2017
Lifelink have launched a mortgage protection initiative for all its current and future clients.
Many people when they buy a house or remortgage their property are only focused on the money side of the transaction, this is understandable because it is all about the money however along with the mortgage comes responsibilities and unforeseen events can put the mortgage payments at risk.
A common statement you see from Lenders & Brokers is YOUR HOME IS AT RISK IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON ANY MORTGAGE OR LOAN SECURED UPON IT, this is very true and it does happen!
An accident or illness that stops you working & therefore earning or worse leads to the question How would you meet your commitments?
These are the areas that we are concentrating on in our initiative. Lifelink is offering a no obligation and no cost a personal risk assessment and/or a comprehensive critical illness review, this can be obtained via the enquiry page
Lifelink`s Managing Director Steve Field says “ we see a number of Clients who do not engage in the conversation about protecting their mortgage commitment, this initiative will hopefully allow them to make informed choices about the risks involved”.