About Us

The Directors of Lifelink have been involved continuously in the mortgage market since the early 1980s and all its mortgage advisers are fully qualified with many years’ experience.

Lifelink came into existence in 2000 and became regulated by the Financial Services Authority (now the Financial Conduct Authority) in 2003 when they took control of mortgage regulations in the UK.

We only do mortgages and the related insurances, we do know a thing or two about them!

The Directors have a simple philosophy – we would like to have you as a Customer for life not just once.
To this end we regularly review the mortgage and insurances that we have arranged for you to make sure they still meet your needs. In 2017 48% of our entire business came from our existing customers

Life never stands still, we change jobs, get married, have children, retire (hopefully), our needs are constantly evolving and Lifelink want to make sure that your mortgage needs are met and the insurances you have help protect you from the trip hazards of life.

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