Switch your existing plan

If you already have an existing Equity Release mortgage it may be possible to switch to another lender and save on costs. At Lifelink our annual Customer duty of care check means we will contact you every year to ensure your mortgage is still suitable for you. We will check to see if any alternative products can save you money and possible to see if you require any additional funding.

Benefits of switching plans

The decision to switch plans can only be made after taking into account any changes in your circumstances and the current plans availability in the market place, cheaper plans are not always available and all charges have to be taken into account.


However, you can be confident that Lifelink’s expert advisers will ask sufficient questions in order to have all facts before any recommendations can be made.


In switching plans it may be possible to find a cheaper alternative if interest rates have reduced since you took out your current deal. You made require additional funding that may not be available with your current mortgage and /or you now require a regular income from your property.

If you want to know more about Switching plans.

At Lifelink we want to make sure you have the best product available to your circumstances, so if you already have a plan and want to check if you can improve on your current mortgage call Lifelink and one of our expert advisers will take you through your options.

We will take into account your personal circumstances, your current mortgage and any early repayment charges before researching the entire market for you, only once we have completed a thorough detailed review will we be able to make any recommendations.

One of Lifelink’s expert advisers can be reached by calling 01189 349800 for a free no obligation consultation.