Equity release remortgage

If you are thinking of an equity Release mortgage Lifelink expert advisers are here to help. By using an equity Release Mortgage you can release tax free funds from your home for any reason you want. Having that dream once in a lifetime holiday, extending, converting or renovating your home, or even helping out a loved one, whatever your reason for wanting to boost your finances, Lifelink are here to help. With an equity release remortgage you may be able to release tax free funds that are tied up in your home, without the stress or hassle of having to move.

What are equity release mortgages and how do they work

Equity Release mortgages allow homeowners aged 55 and over to release tax-free funds from their property subject to meeting the lenders criteria. This type of mortgage is popular with applicants coming up or in retirement allowing them to access funds without having to sell their home.

If you have an existing mortgage secured against your property, then the new Equity Release mortgage will have to pay that off before you receive any excess funds.

Before you remortgage to release equity, you’ll need to think carefully about all options available to you, however Lifelink’s expert equity release advisers are on hand to talk you through the all the options before we research the entire market, only then will we be able to make a personalised recommendation so you can be comfortable you’ve made the right choice Finally Lifelink’s advice fee is only payable on completion of the mortgage.

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