How would you like your money?

Lump sum or drawdown

Do you require your tax-free money all at once or prefer to draw down funds as and when you require them, maybe a combination of both is required. The good news is with a lifetime mortgage you can decide.

Want to move – why not take your mortgage with you.

With a Lifetime mortgage if you decide to move why not take all or part of your mortgage with you, the lender must be happy with your new home and it will be subject to their criteria. There may also be an option to downsize and redeem part of the loan without any early repayment charges being applied.

Are you eligible to unlock funds from your home?

Equity release mortgages do not suit everyone and not everyone is going to be eligible. However the good news is that it could be much simpler than you think. If you’re a homeowner aged 55 or over with a property value of at least £70,000, you might be able to unlock some of the value in your property.

The importance of advice you can trust

The single most important thing that you must do is talking to a fully qualified Equity release adviser, these are not just mortgage advisers but are higher qualified experienced advisers as specifically recorded on the FCA register and with the Equity Release Council.

As with all financial products, equity release is a major decision and isn’t without its risks. However with advice from Lifelink Services Ltd we will advise you on the best equity release plans available to your own unique situation.
Our expert advisers never recommend a plan unless they’re sure it’s suitable for you. They will go through all the options available to you after considering all the different features that may benefit you. And only if you decide to proceed with an application is our fee payable and then only on completion, everything else is Free.

If you are interested in finding out if an Equity Release mortgage is right for you call Lifelink on 01189 349800 and speak to one of our expert advisers, and receive your free consultation, no fees are payable unless you decide to proceed.