types of cover


Now you have a home and we want to ensure it remains yours? Although we don’t like to think it will never happen to us, sometimes unfortunate events happen that can change your financial situation. It is your responsibility that you keep up your mortgage payments, otherwise your home maybe repossessed.

Lifelink are not tied or linked to any Insurance Company so you are assured that we will offer you unbiased advice which is completely free!

Our advisers will look at your mortgage options and then look to make sure you can keep up payments giving you peace of mind that should the unexpected happen, your home remains yours.

The types of protection available are explained in greater detail below, the different policies can do this by protecting you and your partners life and/or income.

Here are the different types of cover available to you:

Life Cover

This is an insurance policy that pays out a lump sum in the event of death. It is important if you have or are planning on having a family, or if you own your own a property and would want the mortgage paid off in the event of your death, so you are able to leave the property to a loved one.

You will be surprised at how little life cover can cost you.
The cost of your life cover will depend on your age at application, your current health and your occupation. For example a scaffolder would cost more than an office based worker, also  the younger you are when taking out life cover the cheaper it will be.

The cover can be level throughout the term of the policy, however if you have a repayment mortgage the cover can be linked to the outstanding balance thereby reducing the cost even further.

Critical Illness Cover

CIC will pay a lump sum of money upon diagnosis of a critical illness or serious injury. This type of insurance policy generally pays a lump sum of money, however it can also be paid as an income depending on which payment type was selected at outset.

Advances in medical science means we  are now more likely to survive a critical illness. However, you may still be unable to work which would obviously put a huge strain on family finances and maintaining your mortgage payments.

How much does a Critical Illness policy cost and what type shall I take?
Cost is dependent on multiple factors, however you should always be comfortable with the amount you can afford to pay, Our advisers will offer you options that suit your budget and circumstances, explain exactly what the policy covers to make sure your completely happy.

Income protection

Income protection is an insurance policy that will pay a monthly income while you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. The policy can be set to pay you a maximum of 65% of your gross monthly income which would start when any sick pay benefits have ended.

Income protection do I need it?
If you are unable to work and your sick pay all last for a set time can you afford to pay your mortgage and other household bills? The last thing you need while unable to work is the additional worry of keeping on top of your household finances especially your mortgage.

What does income protection cost?
As with all insurance it depends on age, health, type of job you do and the amount of cover you need.

We are here to help you compare the types of cover and getting a quotation, simply contact us and we can run through the details.