My Mortgage Monitor


Would you like the peace of mind that your mortgage is being tracked 24/7 for the cheapest rates?

Would you like that service to be free?

Look no further than Lifelink my mortgage monitor.

We use the latest AI technology to constantly monitor your mortgage.

It takes into account set-up fees and early repayment charges, as well as your unique circumstances such as existing mortgage rate, property value, loan-to-value, and reducing mortgage balance.

When all the number crunching has been done by our technology partners at Dashly, the system either confirms that it can’t beat your current deal – giving you peace of mind – or if a potential saving has been identified it sends an alert to one of our advisers asking them to confirm whether or not you can really save money.

After our adviser has checked the details of the deal then you will be sent an alert telling you how much money you might be able to save.

Once you register for the service there is nothing for you to do. Just let us look after your mortgage while you relax knowing that you mortgage is being compared with the market 24/7

When the time comes, if you wish we can also manage the mortgage switch on your behalf.

This service is completely free, no commitments, no tie in, you can opt out at anytime, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to save.

The registration only takes a few minutes and apart from a few personal details we will need some information about your current mortgage which will be:

The Lender
Current rate (fixed, discount etc) with the
start and expiry date
The term of the mortgage
Repayment or interest only
The mortgage amount

With this information the system will identify your existing mortgage and all you then need to do is sit back & relax in the knowledge that you mortgage is being compared with the market 24/7.

Please use either the QR code or the link to start the registration process.

Any questions or problems registering please enquire using the form above. To see our terms and conditions, please click here.

Any questions or problems registering please enquire using the form below. To see our terms and condition, please click here.



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